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    The Unichef Chef Wellbeing Programme

    2021 will see Unichef moving into schools and colleges to educate chefs on the important issues concerning Chef Wellbeing.

    But what exactly is Chef Wellbeing?

    Unichef is a Union for the 21st century, our opinions and thoughts exceed those of our peers and education of our profession is a main aim of all we do. Chefs no longer have to “suck it up “and work in poor surroundings with employers that care little for them, and Chef Wellbeing is a part of that new vision.

    Chef wellbeing is the philosophy of getting your mind “right for the job” of giving chefs confidence in themselves to be happier and more confident in their work and to encourage employers to produce a safe and comfortable environment in which their chefs can flourish. A simple vision of education and information to give chefs a better understanding of thier work environment and the people they work with, an holistic approach to work life.

    Chef wellbeing is about teaching chefs old and new about their responsibilities and making them realise the obligations they have to their colleagues, employers and customers

    Many chefs contacted our Facebook page concerned at the lack of skills and knowledge of the youngsters coming into the profession and we have listened carefully to what has been said.

    So, 2021 will see Unichef involve itself more and more into the sectors where we feel we can make that impact and where we feel we can learn more in order to pass that knowledge on.

    In all, Chef Wellbeing is about creating a new culture, where chefs feel comfortable in what they do, are happy and have the inspiration to succeed in this amazing industry, with open discussion on subjects such as...

    Mental Health Awaremess

    The effects of Asthma in Kitchens

    Sexual harassment and the law

    Chefs legal responsibilities and employer's duty of care

    Employment Law, your rights at work

    Social Media involvement

    Drug Misuse

    Social attitudes

    Climbing the career ladder

    The place of Trade Unions

    Chef health, looking after your body and mind

    For the very first-time chefs will get the chance to see and visualise " a better way". A way in which they not only can care for others but also themselves.



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    This is absolutely brilliant. This allows us to get to the root of the issues and deal with why our industry is losing chefs by the bucket load. I have seen first hand what a kind, caring approach can do for young chefs who wish to join us in our industry. One of my own won the apprentice of the year award, after doing his modern day apprenticeship scheme with me, he was up against female engineers, architects the lot, and our trade came out on top. By giving them the tools, both physically and mentally, we are ensuring the very best for the future of our trade. Times have changed, our methods need to change too. By raising our standards, we raise the level that come into the trade, this can only have a beneficial knock on effect.

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    This is a great addition to the tool kit of resources for chefs ,especially those new in the industry who might be wondering how to adapt thier own wellbeing ,mental and physical into a work culture that thas been firmly established and has a "if you can't stand the heat " approach ,.. Chefs are recognising that they can not perform and produce their best, if they do not feel their best mentally and physically.   Why should the care , attention to detail , love , pampering, respect ,maintenance and health checks that they give to their kitchens no apply to their own bodies and minds ?.  This info and awareness is a great addition to the page .  

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