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    Unichef Agenda 2021


    Naturally much of what we had planned for 2020 has now been forwarded to 2021.This has given us the chance to evaluate and enhance some of our programmes.

    Whilst membership has remained steady, we must continue to push the Union forward as much as possible and we will begin to use our Social Media platforms in a much more progressive manner to achieve this.

    Not on the Menu

    Our fight to gain equality and respect for our female chefs will be extensive in 2021 with a solid campaign and plans to bring on board Female Chefs and notable others to back up our fight.

    The Unichef Chef Wellbeing Programme

    Hopefully, this year we can gain access to college’s and schools to improve their understanding of the profession and their legal rights and responsibilities of themselves and their employers, and the philosophy of Chef Wellbeing.

    Heatstress Campaign.

    Our fight to have a statutory Maximum Working Temperature continues and hope full we can continue where we stopped in 2020 and revive the substantial progress and contacts that we made in 2020.

    Minister for Hospitality
    We will continue to support the massive campaign to achieve our own Minister for Hospitality.

    The Good Work Plan.
    Unichef will continue work together with The Director for labour Enforcement and hopefully our new Minister as the agreed proposals are implemented and achieve statute.

    Asthma Awareness
    Unichef will begin its programme of support for Asthma Awareness in all kitchens.


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