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    Mental Health in Catering

    Mental Health in Catering

    When we started Unichef we never even imagined to kind of issues we now deal with daily. We must admit, at first, we struggled to understand both the volume and complexity of many of the wide-ranging Mental Issues that came before us.

    During those early days, we were enlightened and educated by the amazing story’s that members bravely put onto our Facebook page. Their battles not only to cope with their illness but also to hold down a profession which has been slow to recognise Mental Issues.

    Many of these chefs were in Senior positions, putting an unimaginable strain on not only themselves but often their family’s too. Some were at the end of the road and desperately looking for support and understanding.

    From that point on we knew that Unichef needs to be that very support, chefs who could listen and understand to what other chefs are going through and to help find some solace and peace to help them continue.

    During those early days, we knew that chefs with these issues were always going to be a major part of our work and we knew we had to find the right type of help and support both for our members and for Unichef itself.

    Our Chef Ambassador program is totally unique, with experienced and senior chefs who can listen and support in ways that only people who are going through or have been through these issues can understand.

    We promised, and we will continue to promise, that the Mental Health of chefs will always be at the forefront of everything we do.
    If you have issues that you need help and support with, please either follow the links or contact us at Unichef.

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