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  3. UK’s top chefs urge government to appoint Minister for the Hospitality Industry and demands rightful representation in light of recent struggles. PRESS RELEASE (9 October 2020): Claire Bosi, Editor of leading hospitality publication Chef & Restaurant Magazine, brings together some of the nation’s best chefs and hospitality representatives in a petition urging the UK government to impose a Minister for Hospitality. The group, which includes world renowned chefs including Marcus Wareing, Angela Hartnett, Asma Khan and Tom Kerridge (additional names below), is calling for the appoi
  4. Brian

    Yes Minister!

    The current online petition for the Hospitality Industry to have its own Government Minister is growing by the day. There has been much astonishment that such an important thing has never been suggested before, such is the enormous success and importance the industry plays in the lives of Britain that we have been simply too busy in the past to ever have thought it necessary. Pandemics, however, change everything, and the devastating impact the restrictions have had on our industry will be felt for many years to come. Never has there been a more crucial time in Hospitality for i
  5. Thanks for that Adrian,perhaps if your a good boy we will get Santa to visit your workplace ??
  6. UKH: ‘Extremely low level of transmission in hospitality’ WWW.BIGHOSPITALITY.CO.UK Trade body UKHospitality has renewed its calls for the Government to rethink the operating restrictions placed on businesses, after data showed an 'extremely low level' of transmission across the...
  7. Interesting article has a lot of valid points i believe the government should have extend. But it is dose not the address christmas for the hospital industry.
  8. Beyond Eat Out to Help Out – what next for restaurants? WWW.BIGHOSPITALITY.CO.UK The Government scheme undoubtedly put bums on seats in August, but it has also encouraged an unwelcome return to discounting. So where does this leave the sector now?
  9. Hi Jon, Must say this sounds dodgy? would need more details before I can make a judgement,hope you well
  10. From time to time in catering, something comes along that revolutionises the way we work. You can think of things like Maltodextrin or even Rational Ovens, but something much more important is about to change the way we work in this industry forever. “Onesided Flexibility” is soon to become outlawed in catering and heralds a change in the relationship between Employer and Employee of seismic proportions, but what exactly is Onesided Flexibility? In short, it’s a working relationship that sees the benefit mainly for the Employer, onesided. The obvious example in our profession would be Sp
  11. Many have heard of terms such as subconscious sexism, racism, and ageism. Those inner most thoughts that we rarely see come to the surface but are often in the backs of people’s minds. Indeed, our actions, even with the best of intentions are now considered as our true feelings. The theory behind this being that if we say or do something that is now socially unacceptable even though we adamantly deny such thoughts then it is our subconscious feelings coming forward, in fact our “true selves” This theory is then echoed into the handbooks of many employers, governed by overzealous HR consu
  12. Anybody know what the law states about having your hours reduced at work while at the same time the same company hiring more chefs when the can’t five the hours to the current staff?
  13. Brian

    Payroll Errors

    As head of Unichef and a working chef, there are few things that annoy me more than the subject of pay errors. When someone has worked hard all month and is looking forward to their pay, is it not too much to ask that it be correct? We are expected to perform to the best of our ability so why not the payroll clerks? Whilst we suffer the wrath of Head chefs and mangers for making mistakes in our daily work, is anyone ever actually reprimanded for making mistakes in our payroll? I think you will find that the answer is no. HR and payroll are virtually a law unto themselves in many c
  14. So, what’s NOT on the menu? Imagine if you can, that you are a female chef and you wear your button or your t-shirt with pride, the slogan saying #Notonthemenu. The answer is simple, so simple that it stops people right in their tracks and will forever change their view of how they treat you. That answer is me. I’m not on the menu! nor is my body, my gender, or my sexuality! “Yeah, right. That’s cool” comes the reply. It will only happen once, when they finally get the idea that you ARE an equal, you are a colleague, and yes you are a chef. The idea started in America, and comes
  15. Brian of the national chefs union asked me to talk about the ongoing risk of depression in the kitchen. I drafted articles about the state of the industry and how it compares to what I wrote about mental health in the kitchen in 2017 but then realised that what was going on in my own head was very different. The uncertainty of the future. It made me wonder if this is what is going through anyone else’s mind? There is a real uncertainly in our future and that’s what I want to talk about. How do we manage that in term of our mental health? In the present we can only be our best se
  16. Award-winning chef patron of two Michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons Raymond Blanc has remarked on the multiplication of customers with food intolerances, saying that to have one 'has become almost like a fashion item.' The master speaks out but is he right? or should we be more tollerent to peoples changes.
  17. Brian

    Turning A Blind Eye

    Almost since the very early days of our Union, have we been warning of that the days of chefs being able to dominate, bully, harass and do as they please were numbered. Few have heard of the term, Vicarious Liability, but along with chefs now having to be Pharmacists, Scientists and Mathematicians, you will now need to be Lawyers and be very much aware of the pitfalls of this often used but seldom explained rule of law. Vicarious Liability is one of the two Laws of Civil Liability. The other, Direct Liability, is more often understood by chefs who understand that employers could be sued
  18. For too many years now our Industry has been plagued by the crazy notion that some sort of recreational drug or liquid crutch will get chefs “through the day” and that they “need” those items in place to be the chef that they are or want to become ?? Yet repeatedly our Union sees the massive result in the scrapheap of chefs who thought that drugs, alcohol and even Caffeine drinks were the answer to their pressures and workload. There are so many that contact us who “used” to be a chef, with the same story. We even encounter Ex-offenders who once again tell us how the pressures of the jo
  19. What the hell does that mean? How do I wrote this inclusively of all? I’m not sure I can. I’m writing it as me. An approaching Middle Aged man who has been a chef and now a yoga teacher. I’ve never been overly physically strong, I’ve suffered mental health issues and I’ve run a marathon and I love a nice hot bubble bath. Am I manly? Am a masculine? I’ve had days when be felt really unmanly, girly, feminine, to then voice that to someone and hear them respond with “but I see you as very manly”, not “it’s ok to not be manly you know” which was what I expected. Why does it eve
  20. Wonderful and inspirational article Kieran,well done.Many will be comfortated by this.
  21. Living with those thoughts.... I, like many others, have very little to be unhappy about. I am truly fortunate and lucky to have an amazing group of supportive family and friends, I know many don't, and this only adds to my feeling of helplessness and despair. My anger is sometimes uncontrollable, I lose control and so far fortunately for me, I have an amazing wife who keeps me in check. For how long I don't know, what I do know is it can't continue, I feel like a dog who should be put out of its misery, it would be the kindest thing to do. Being honest like this is somewhat of a relief b
  22. Strategy for food4kids to support a whole-school approach to healthy eating Healthy eating should be implemented as a whole-school approach to involve healthy eating as part of everyday school life. Food4kids aims to develop a supportive culture and environment by engaging with the community of the whole school. School Management Support from school principals and management can lead in the support of a whole school approach to healthy eating. Food4Kids will offer support on: The implementation of school food service policies. Offering advice on how to provide an
  23. Steven Mercer

    Your Voice

    When I say your voice I mean a lot more than the words you say. Your voice is your connection to your true self. A term I really like. That state where you are being true to yourself at its core and you are not being directed by external stresses. Yoga philosophy sees our voice being effected by the 5th chakra. The throat chakra, the Vishuddha. A blue energy. We are looking to have each chakra in balance. In particular to us chefs I am interested in how this means we communicate. Balancing your voice Deficient- timid, not sticking up for yourself, leads to be bein
  24. Great article Karen,the first of many.Chefs will come to know and trust this page and hopefully benifit from it ,well done.
  25. During a lecture for my degree in addictions therapy the tutor said that there were certain professions that have a higher rate of addiction than others, chefs were mentioned as one of those. No surprise then that in a class of twelve students, two of us had been chefs for over 20 years and had our own past substance misuse issues. Following that, during my experience working in residential rehabs I noticed quite a few clients were or had been chefs in the past. This got me thinking, I knew why I used to drink when I was a private chef, the pressure, the control, performance anxiety and n
  26. Brian

    Not On The Menu

    Once again, the vile topic of Sexual Harassment is raising its ugly head. As if we did not have enough to contend with as chefs, we still hear of disturbing reports and complaints of sexual bullying and even sexual assault. Sadly, few realise the real harm this can cause and the extreme penalties that are involved for those that perpetrate and those managers and Head Chefs who turn a blind eye to the tribal goings on in their kitchens. In an industry that has been completely turned on its head with COVID and is now beginning to realise the enormity of the changes in store, isn’t
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