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Terms and Conditions for Unichef Members Only

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Unichef Membership Terms

Company Information.

Unichef trades as Unichef, The National Chefs Union CIC and by joining you become a member stakeholder in that Limited Company.

Unichef is not traditional trade union.It is a Community Interest Company, a Social Enterprise, and is unlike any other traditional Union. It is governed by a strict Constitution (Articles of Association) and is monitored yearly by the government Ombudsman appointed to oversee the correct running of Community Interest Companies.

Your membership entitles you to the protection and advice of any normal Union, but we cannot advise members to take Strike action in a dispute nor negotiate a Collective Bargaining Arrangement.

Unichef is an online organisation and does not physically attend disciplinary meetings but conducts mediation though conference calls and emails.

Unichef is not a signatory to the Trade Unions Act and is an independent and non-political Community Union, limited by the Guarantee of its members.

Unichef has a ZERO tolerance to all forms of abuse in all kitchens and is the central pillar of the organisation, please do not join this Union if you do not share its values.

The Executive and Board
The Executive Director is responsible to the Board for the day to day running of the Union, its policies, aims and ambitions, within the realms of its Constitution (Articles). The Board of Directors work with and advise the Executive on the members' behalf to ensure the stability and financial propriety of the Company.

Your Donation
Your first £1 is your Guarantee to creditors and will be held in trust for you during your membership. Members are not liable for any further debts of the Company. All further subscriptions are classified as a Donation and are held within the company and then used for the benefit of its members and to further the published aims and campaigns of the Union and as such your donation cannot be refunded.


Under the terms of our CIC status,Members cannot under any circumstances involve the Union in any political party, associations or debate nor seek to politically influence the Union or its members. By applying and subscribing to the Union, you accept the terms, conditions and the Constitution of Unichef CIC

Membership Fees and Benefits
Memberships are payable by recurring payment from your account and is made up of £1 for Membership and your Creditors Guarantee and the remainder is your donation to the Union.
£15 per year

Register of Members

We are detailed by Law to keep up to date records of all members.You will be contacted after your initial subscription and will be required to supply us with your full name and address.Failure to do so will cancel your membership without refund.

Termination of membership is the discretion of the Executive or by cancelling your subscription within the system provided.

The Social Fund
Many Trade Unions have a Political Levy placed on the members which often funds the political causes that their Union may be associated with.

As Unichef is 100% non-political a similar levy is applied to our unique Social Fund. 

£3 of your Annual fee is distributed into this fund.

The Social Fund is solely used for the benefit of Unichef members in need and any associated Charity’s and Associations and is administered by the Board. 

Unichef Members receive the support and assurance of an official body acting on their behalf. Direct and specialised access to the Unichef support team, and its Directors. 

  • Access to qualified advice and support
  • Access to the Support Team, its Directors and Executive
  • Legal and Accountancy advice and support
  • Access to the social fund
  • Discounts and privileges from sponsors
  • Full access into specialised areas of the Unichef website
  • Ongoing promotions and discounts
  • Voting rights on major issues and decisions
  • Mental Health Support.

Unichef members can gain active support and advice on many issues including

  • Contracts and Pay
  • Discrimination
  • Working Conditions
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Dispute Mediation
  • Self-Employment and Tax advice


All disputes in the first instance can be raised by contacting us using the contact form located at the bottom of every page on the site.

Full details of dispute resolution and grievances, including the direct contact of the Board of Directors will be issued upon application.

Unichef members have access to the Unions Mediation Service which aims to resolve issues or disputes between Employer and Employee. The guidelines for Mediation are outlined to the Member and Employer prior to acceptance.

Board Contact
All Members of Unichef have the right to contact the Board of Directors and Executive on issues attaining to their membership of the Union. Details will be issued upon application

Voting Rights
All Members have equal voting rights on issues that are put before the membership in accordance with the Unions published Articles.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Unichef,The National Chefs Union CIC uses your data for official purposes only and conforms with GDPR under the requirements of Lawful Basis,being of Legitimate Interest and Public Task.The Union holds your information securely for the duration of your membership.

Members have the right to access all Financial Accounts through application and any non-personal information in the normal dealing of the company and all members will receive or have access to annual approved accounts. All members rights are protected and supervised by appointed Directors.

All members are expected to abide by  Five Core Principals that founded Unichef (see below),in their work life and any online activity that involves Unichef


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