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About The National Chefs Union - Unichef

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A Union for the 21st Century

Starting in 2015, Unichef is the UK’s National Union for chefs. Run completely by Chefs, its aim is to support and understand the issues that chefs are faced with in today's hectic kitchens and to focus on the many changes that are needed within our industry for the betterment of all chefs regardless of position, category, age or gender.

Unichef is a Community Union, a registered Community Interest Company (CIC ) and is both a pressure group and support centre for Chefs who feel they need advice about their working environment as well as within their career ambitions and their health and safety. We are the only Community Union of its type in the UK. We can act on your behalf on employment and welfare issues including…

  • Contracts and Pay
  • Discrimination
  • Working Conditions
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Dispute Mediation
  • Self Employment and Tax advice

Our aims

  • ZERO tolerance of abuse in kitchens as our core policy
  • To give a voice to all UK based chefs.
  • To raise the profile of issues concerning all UK chefs
  • To improve working conditions and pay.
  • To work together with employers and government to benefit our industry.
  • To help and support chefs in their daily routine
  • To educate Employers and Employees for the betterment of all
  • To encourage consultation with employers, not confrontation
  • To deal with grievances in a civilised and productive manner

Who we are and what we do.
Unichef is run and Administered by its Executive Director Brian Mcelderry and 2 Directors who are appointed to oversee the Executive on the member's behalf. Everyone involved within the Union at a senior level is a qualified chef.

Unichef is not assigned to the Trade Unions Act and is not a member of the TUC or any political party. We innovate, motivate, educate and inspire and we are dedicated to changing people's views of how a union should work think and behave, bringing all the strands of our industry together in a more purposeful way of working to benefit the whole of our Culinary Community. We protectadvise and support chefs in a unique "club" of British based chefs.

We are a concerted lobby for our industry, working with Employers, Chefs and likeminded Organisations to improve the work-life balance of all chefs in the UK

Everyone in Unichef is treated in the same way regardless of their status, EVERYONE'S opinion is important to us and together we can change the hearts and minds of our industry. Funded by members fees, advertising and sponsorship we bare no allegiances or loyalties to anyone accept our members.

When you join Unichef it is important to remember that you are becoming a stakeholder in a Limited Company. The Company is limited by the Guarantees of its members and that guarantee is set at £1 per member. This is a guarantee to the company's creditors that at least £1 will always be paid to them and is the only liability that the stakeholders have and is a one-off fee for as long as you are a stakeholder and will be returned to you whenever you leave Unichef. ( see terms and conditions )

Subsequent subscriptions are used for the purposes of supporting its members and furthering the published aims of the Union. The stakeholders do not receive any dividends and all funding remains within the union for the benefit of its members.

The 5 Core Principals of Unichef

1. To promote the fundamental belief that every person deserves the right to go to their job, to do a fair days work for a fair days pay, and that no one deserves to be treated unfairly, abused, shouted at or harassed or ill-treated in any way, no matter their age, gender, sexuality ,creed, physical or mental ability. Unichef expects all members to adhere to our policy of ZERO tolerance of abuse in all kitchens.

. To support chefs in their daily work routine and promote the education of Employers and Employees in the understanding and betterment of a stress-free environment for the workforce, through empowerment, training, fair pay and safer working conditions.

3. To promote the Unity and brotherhood of all chefs in the UK, regardless of position and experience and the promotion of a safe modern supportive system of work.

4. To remain independent, and politically free from interference and to give Chef's in the UK, a voice and a platform to air their views within a safe, tolerant and ethical organisation.

5. To encourage the development of new Chef's and to seek better training, understanding and education for all sectors of the Catering Industry

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