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  • After joining the site head over to the subscriptions and choose your subscription type from the list provided to join the Union
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How to register and join the Union

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You can register as a Site member or a Unichef member.  The process is simple to sign up and the process applies to both Site Members and Unichef Members, follow this guide.

On the home page you will find a guest sign-up box (as shown below):


Click on the Sign-Up button or click the green How to Join button and then follow the instructions on-screen.

There is also a Sign-Up link at the top right of the screen (as shown below)


Once you have registered you automatically become a SITE MEMBER it's important to understand that at this stage you are NOT a member of Unichef, you are a member of the site only.  Site Members have restricted access to the site facilities and have no access to Unichef benefits.

In order to become a member of the Union, you need to take out a subscription.  The subscriptions become visible once you register as a Site Member. See the image below which shows the subscriptions menu link:


When you click on this menu item you will be presented with a choice of three options; Monthly, Quarterly and Annual (see below):


Click on any of the Subscribe Now buttons and complete the PayPal authorisation.  Once successfully completed you will automatically be moved into the Unichef Member group and will have unrestricted access to all of the site features and Unichef benefits.  

Should you decide to cancel your subscription you will be moved back into the Site Member group and have restricted access to the site features and you will lose all the Unichef benefits as well.

If you have any problems with registering please contact us and tell us what issue you are presented with when trying to register.

If you have registered successfully and you are having issues with subscriptions you can ask your questions below as a reply to this topic or you can privately message any Administrator and we will do what we can to resolve your issues.

Any other questions after registering can also be asked in any of the help topics in this section.


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