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New Gold Membership Now Available Don't forget that we are here to support you! Fantastic Range of Benefits and Amazing Discounts In Our Gold Membership Package Keep coming back to see what has changed
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    Welcome to our new Unichef Gold Membership information page.  Our Gold Membership package has been carefully curated to offer you some of the most amazing benefits for a low monthly cost.  Using just two of the benefits, a free Cafe Nero coffee and free Rakuten TV video rental every month, will cover the cost of your monthly membership. Gold Membership also includes all of the benefits in the Standard Membership package.

    There are over 300 benefits available with more being added regularly and they are all easily accessible from your mobile phone by accessing our app - we will send you details of how to download this once you have signed up. Members can expect to make average savings of between £800-1000 each year. Note: Some discounts and benefits may not be available in Northern Ireland as well as in the Channel Islands and IOM - the app may let you know which.

    Current annual members will need to contact us direct if they wish to move to the Gold Membership level - use the contact us button shown at the bottom of every page.

    Take a look at some of the amazing discounts, benefits and services below:

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    Discounts from leading supermarkets and retailers such as:

    • Tesco 4%
    • Asda 4%
    • M&S 7.5% 
    • Waitrose 5%
    • Sainsburys 5%
    • B&Q, 5%
    • Primark 6%
    • Argos 6%
    • Nike 9%
    • Asos 8%
    • H&M 9%
    • Ted Baker 9%
    • Topman and Topshop 9%


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    Online G.P appointments

    Prescription Delivery service

    Easy on-boarding and management



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    Even more discounts from:

    • Arcadia
    • RayBan
    • Bosch
    • Boots
    • Asics
    • Samsung
    • Apple
    • Waterstones
    • Ikea
    • Cotswold
    • Sports Direct
    • Adidas
    • Pursue Fitness and Nike


  • yoga2.png

    Free Online yoga classes and seminars

    Free online eBooks and webinars

    Free online gym and fitness classes



  • fun1.png

    More discounts and special rates on:

    • Cycling
    • Motoring
    • Holidays
    • Travel, Gifts
    • Toys
    • Up to 28% off at over 3000 gyms with UK Gyms
    • Discounts on flowers
    • Golfing Breaks
    • Books
    • Online Reading 
    • UK Paintball
    • Drayton Manor Theme Park
    • Butlins and Haven - even 8% at Disneyland Paris


  • advice2.png

    24/7 Employee Assistance (EAP)

    Free Confidential advice line

    Critical Incident and Trauma support

    Monthly newsletters and guidance webinars


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  • Importantly as well as all of these amazing benefits for just £6.99 per month, you also get full membership of the most amazing Chefs Union, with more deals and benefits to come this is a great package. So, sign up now for Unichef Gold Membership and be a part of our future.

    Click Here To Register Now

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