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    Unichef Membership Levels and Registration

    It is important for any prospective member to fully understand that your membership is for life and that you will always be a listed stakeholder in Unichef, The National chefs Union until such time that you request that you be de-registered and are taken off our official Register of Members.

    Membership Levels

    You can join Unichef in one of two ways. Either as a Community Member or a Full Member.

    Community Membership

    This is an “entry level” membership which allows you to join our Union and enjoy the community and share some of its unique privileges and rewards, whilst not being fully engaged with the Union. You will not receive any official support on this level, but you will have access to advice and information.

    Do not join the Community Member level if you have an urgent employment issue

    Full Membership

    Full members receive all the benefits of Unichef including full support and representation up to and including ACAS Mediation levels. Full Access to advice and information and membership of Perkbox our special employee rewards package with hundreds of benefits and discounts.

    Unichef are only able to represent you in Disciplinary Hearings via telephone or video links if we are given sufficient notice, and that your Employer is willing to recognise Unichef as your rightful representative. We can only represent you in person in extreme circumstances.

    Note: We are not able to fully represent members whose Employers have already recognised a “Single Approved Union”. Such Employers are major national companies such as Sodexo and Compass and members should enquire within their own HR departments for any elected representation.

    The table below represents what is included in the two levels of membership.

    Register Now - Choose your subscription



    Register Now - Choose your subscription

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