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  1. During a lecture for my degree in addictions therapy the tutor said that there were certain professions that have a higher rate of addiction than others, chefs were mentioned as one of those. No surprise then that in a class of twelve students, two of us had been chefs for over 20 years and had our own past substance misuse issues. Following that, during my experience working in residential rehabs I noticed quite a few clients were or had been chefs in the past. This got me thinking, I knew why I used to drink when I was a private chef, the pressure, the control, performance anxiety and n
  2. Thanks for the feedback Kieran ,sorry to hear you had a rough week and hope you feel better soon ,.. Depression is a tough gig on its own without the issues of other illness on top.! Good point though re prescribed painkillers , they are often down-played in the danger scale as they have been prescribed and legal ,.but for many can cause dependancy and for some can become the gateway drug to street drugs when the prescription runs out ,.. I will address this in a future article ,.
  3. Hello Chefs . I am Karen Murphy one of the Unichef Directors and an ex chef. I’m a qualified addictions therapist and a counsellor, experienced in residential rehab settings and community counselling. My passion is supporting chefs and their circle of family / co -workers/ employers, accept , understand, and work through any substance misuse and dependency issues they may be experiencing. Substance use is commonplace in the industry and for many it never becomes a problem, but for others it can escalate into dependency often resulting in loss of career, break up of relationships an
  4. This is a great addition to the tool kit of resources for chefs ,especially those new in the industry who might be wondering how to adapt thier own wellbeing ,mental and physical into a work culture that thas been firmly established and has a "if you can't stand the heat " approach ,.. Chefs are recognising that they can not perform and produce their best, if they do not feel their best mentally and physically. Why should the care , attention to detail , love , pampering, respect ,maintenance and health checks that they give to their kitchens no apply to their own bodies and minds ?. This i
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