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    Welcome To Our Community


    Inspiring UK chefs,since 2015

    Hello and welcome to Unichef, The National Chefs Union. Starting in 2015 as a Facebook Group, the basis of our work was one of vocational, unbiased support and friendship for all UK based chefs, irrelevant of their background,gender, age, or skill set.Our values of diversity, tolerance and understanding were quickly appreciated by a community in need of an organisation that supported chefs in their workplace, career and their passion for cooking.Such was our success, that in 2019 we became a Community Interest Company,100% owned by its members and ran by its own Board of Directors that over the future scope of the organisation. It is and will always be an organisation for chefs ran by chefs,chef that know and understand and that share your passion.

    We are no ordinary Union

    Unichef is totally unique, it is unlike no other. A 21st Century concepted Union, designed specifically to meet the need of today’s modern chefs whether that be in terms of culinary support, career development or workplace issues, Unichef is there to help in any way we can.  We can do what traditional Trade Unions cannot do, which is to communicate on a chef level with both chefs and employers and support you on a one-to-one basis.Everyone at Unichef is chef or chef related so you can always speak to an experienced chef first hand, and we have chefs of all genders ready and willing to help should you ever need it. 

    We set out to keep our chefs up to date with all that is happening within the industry including contemporary trends, latest developments, and legislative changes.  We have a commitment to educate and promote the culinary arts and to create a better and more sustainable working environment for all UK chefs.We strive to inspire, innovate, and educate not only chefs but the wider community of our profession. We are in constant touch with all the major organisations within our profession, Senior Chefs, Culinary advisors, media, politicians, and Government officials and consistently discuss with them issues that involve UK chefs, making Unichef the true voice for UK chefs.

    When not everyday is a good day?
    We know that the pressures your work can often lead to conflict and Unichef can support you in all the difficulties that you may be encountering and can often see a better way forward for the path that you need to follow in today’s busy kitchens. We know that not every day is a good day, but we can help you overcome those difficulties and advise you on a wide range of options for you. As a Unichef member you will have access to Culinary, legal, and clinical experts that can help advise and support you in almost every work issue that you face. Our pages and links are there for you to help with all your needs including any culinary tips and ideas that you may be seeking from other chefs.

    We motivate all UK chefs into a “Better Way “of working, one of diversity and inclusion, and one of vision and excitement. Being a chef is truly a wonderful career, but we know it can be difficult and overpowering and we are here for you, to understand, empathise and encourage you no matter what your issue may be.We work with Employers too, encouraging them in understanding the needs of chefs and to see chefs as an asset to their business.

    What makes us so special ?

    We have a policy of Zero Tolerance to abuse in all UK Kitchens and support all chefs and employers in harmonising their workplace to achieve a safer and more supportive platform in which to work in. Unichef is a recognised and registered Trade Association, a Not-for-Profit Organisation monitored by the UK Government. It is a Community Union, the first of its kind and there is no other Union like it.We are here for the betterment and improvement of all chefs and the professional community of Chefs, to raise standards of wellbeing, culinary excellence, personal development and to support chefs in their workplace.

    Education and inspiration
    We aim to make you, and those you work with. think outside of the box and look at your work and environment in a positive and purposeful way. Unichef is a friend for life and an inspirational philosophy for your future as a chef. We can give you the vocational support that you see in your aims to become that better chef.Being a chef in the 21st century isn't an easy profession but it is one that we love and one that will always bind us together as friends.

    We also hope that the inspiration that you find in Unichef will inspire you into helping other chefs.it's Unichefs philosophy that we can all inspire when we are given the chance to and that is why we have our special mentoring programme "Inspiring the Future" to help you achieve just that.You too can now help Unichef to inspire our future generation of young chefs.

    We are Unique, we are United - we are Unichef.

    Note: We are not able to fully represent members whose Employers have already recognised a “Single Approved Union”. Such Employers are major national companies such as Sodexo and Compass and members should enquire within their own HR departments for any elected representation.


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