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    Meet Navitas Safety - Who we are

    Navitas Safety is a complete food safety net to keep your brand and people safe. We take a holistic approach to food safety by covering everything from digital food safety kits to compliance management, auditing and training. Our passionate experts will always work hand-in-hand with you to tackle your very specific needs. That way, we help you embrace a smoother and hassle-free food safety journey from supplier to plate!

    What we do

    We want to make things easy for you. So we remove all the burdensome tasks to let you concentrate on your culinary passion! This means no more greasy paperwork piling up, better visibility on your food safety processes and reassurance that your staff complete their safety tasks correctly. All it takes is a simple digital kit to save you time and effort. It will automatically record temperatures, generate digital checklists and store any evidence and record you may need for your next EHO inspection. In addition, we can support you with advice, audits and training to achieve a 5* food hygiene. Food safety, made simple!

     Why we can help

    We’re the safety partner of choice to 13,000+ sites including big name brands like Five Guys and Deliveroo, but also to thousands of single sites and individual chefs too! We love to make their lives easier. Perhaps we can also become that comforting food safety partner on which you can rely on at all times! Chefs can easily save over 21 hours of manual work every month by switching to digital food safety, giving them back the time they need to focus on their customers and culinary passion! How does this sound?

    Digital Food Safety - Your time-saving ally

    Our digital food safety includes food temperature probes and fridge & freezer temperature pods. Use the digital food probes to manage your food safety records from goods-in to final service. All temperatures and information will automatically be logged into one central system. They have a camera for evidence capture as well as multiple needles to prevent cross-contamination. The fridge and freezer pods will automatically record temperatures every 15 minutes, 24/7. You will only be alerted when needed! Let the system run for you. The Navitas system lets you complete essential food safety checklists such as cleaning checks and opening/close down checks in seconds and have these automatically logged too! That’s no more manual paperwork and extra time for yourself!

    Compliance Software - Making sure everything is on track

    Our compliance software is basically your personal assistant. You can access audits, including digital self-audits, incident and investigation processes, risk assessments, your compliance documentation and even property-related checklists! For total convenience, you can access them anywhere, anytime - even from your mobile! You can easily visualise your digital checklists, build action plans and assign corrective tasks to key staff members when needed. That leaves no room for human error and you can get instant confidence that everything is on track.

    Audit & Consultancy - Best practices from our experts

    Our team is equipped with over 33 years of experience and is always ready to give you a friendly hand when needed. We can run audits for you, making it less of an awkward experience. We want our partners to feel like they can always rely on us for all things safety. If you prefer, we can also help you set your very own self-audits, for even more control. 

    Online Food Safety Training - CPD-accredited

    Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of everything when it comes to food safety. Our dedicated Food Safety Academy gives your staff the convenience of CPD-accredited and EHO-approved online training. Whether you’re after core Level 1, 2 or 3 training or something bespoke to your specific needs, save yourself the cost of in-person workshops. Our team will design the online courses for you - simple and convenient.

    We’re here to give you confidence and time back so that you can focus on the Chef you want to be: passionate and relaxed. That’s our “Food Safety Made Simple” recipe!

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