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  • The Corona Virus (Covid-19)

    Britain is facing its biggest crisis since the 3 day week of 1974 and now with the threat of mass hospitality closures our industry is facing huge challenges and uncertainty and it's understandable that many of you are worried.

    Our office at Unichef and our Facebook page has been constantly paged for information and we now offer this preliminary guidance, which may change over the coming days and weeks as more information comes through about the impact of this new virus.

    Only Fully Paid Members may contact us by email or message if they have workplace issues.

    Non-members,  Facebook Members and guests can contact the Government information sites and the NHS websites which contain the correct information that you require.( see links below )

    We advise all chefs and businesses to continue to use the official sites and not Facebook, friends or unofficial sites for vital information.

    We continue to be optimistic about the future and we will continue to be the official voice of UK chefs and offer support where we can.

    Please stay safe

    Brian McElderry
    Executive Director

    Covid-19 Corona Virus NHS 

    Government Support for Businesses

    Government Support for Employees


    Unichef is the UK’s National Union for chefs. We are Britains very first Community Union and we are dedicated to protecting the rights of chefs, whilst working together with the wider community in order to make our industry a better and safer environment for all.

    Feel free to browse the site and find out more.  Please note, some areas can only be accessed by Unichef members, however, everything you need to discover more about Unichef is freely available to all.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We are now taking new members and subscriptions.  Your first year's subscription is due when you register.


    About Unichef    Terms & Conditions
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  • Our picks

    • When the dust settles?
      It is already becoming clear after the Covid 19 crisis is over and the Nation returns to work many things in our industry will not be the same.
      Thousands of chefs are justifiably angry and bitter at employers lack of compassion and professionalism in dismissing them without any hope of a return.
      An industry that was already suffering a skill shortage will find Chefs are now lorry drivers, supermarket stackers and bin collectors and enjoying a job with better conditions and far less stress.
      Their dreams of seeking super-stardom no longer a priority in their lives, if nothing Coronavirus has levelled out our “reality check” about what is and what isn’t important in our lives, and it will be many years ( if ever ) before the chasing of Rosettes dominates chefs thoughts 24/7 again.
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    • Welcome to HR Information
      Welcome to Unichef's new Human Resource Section, which has been specially dedicated to its members.

      Just as the UK's catering and hospitality industry couldn't get much worse; with national staff shortages, issues surrounding working times and work/life balance concerns, the industry has now been hit with a global pandemic, threatening to cripple the industry nationwide. During these very trying times, Unichef have decided to bring foreword its plans to have a dedicated HR section for its members; both employers and employees, providing regular updates of HR related news, and policies and procedures effecting the industry.

      Information and articles are sourced using only reputable sources such as;

      Trade Journals/Publications

      CIPD (Charted Institute of Personnel Development)



      Government pages

      Reputable news sources

      We hope you find this section beneficial and please look out for updates.

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    • A Meeting of Minds
      Since we began in 2015,Unichef has done more to raise the awareness of Mental Health Issues in Catering than any other Union.

      At first even we were not truly aware of how deep and widespread the issues were. We learned “on the hoof” ignorant of much of the pain and suffering our friends and colleagues were going through.

      Then things changed dramatically when we began our Facebook Page and then chefs from all over the country began to tell us their stories.
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    • Undercooked Pate
      Reminder about cooking pâté safely  

      There is no doubt that it’s a classic starter and firm festive favourite, but over the past five years there have been 30 food poisoning outbreaks linked to chicken liver pâté*. We know that many recipes, including some by leading chefs, advocate short cooking times so livers are served rare, and estimates suggest half of livers served commercially in the UK fail to reach 70°C during cooking. This can result in campylobacter survival rates of 48%–98%.** We also know, via the 2015 ‘Restaurant Cooking Trends and Increased Risk for Campylobacter Infection’ study, that many chefs prefer to serve livers substantially more rare than the public would like when eating out**.
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  • Food4Kids

    • By Gemma Page in Food4Kids
      I am Gemma Page, a Unichef Ambassador, with special responsibilities for bringing the issues of Childhood Obesity in our schools into an open discussion and to advance Food Technology theories into everyday school environments.

      Our aim is to revolutionise the way we currently think about the food we serve to our young students. We will use our Whole School Approach to bring together all the strands of school feeding and invigorate the very essence of how we feed our children.

      If you have any questions, opinions, thoughts, advice, recipes or contacts, please respond here and I will reply to you.

      Thank you for your support.
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