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    Closing time..for good?

    The news that there are now less than 100,000 pubs left in the UK is of no big surprise to us here at Unichef.

    As we predicted time and again this one time leisure pursuit for millions is massively outdated.The younger generation simply do not fit into the demographics of "publife" and many see spending their money on other items much more important than having a drink which is so often overpriced.

    Whilst, for the time being at least, there will still be a vibrant trade in City Center drinking,traditional pubs and those on housing estates ( the locals ) are the ones that with a poor future ahead.

    There are many reasons,and all of them are relevant but at the end of the day,pubs are about selling beer and food and people no longer want beer and food in the form that is offered in pubs.

    That and the massive shortage of cheap unskilled staff who are the mainstay of many pubs,has led to the way things are now.

    Pubs have always been of high issue for Unichef. If we ever have Chefs with work related issues a large proportion of them will be working in pubs,that's a fact.They are heavily understaffed,poorly maintained,often badly managed and very often massively in debt and many struggle on a day to day basis.

    Working in a pub,is without any doubt the very hardest part of our profession,with very little thanks or reward for the massive efforts that devoted staff put in.

    So,our next prediction ??

    In your lifetime you will see the end of pubs as you know them,only the very very best will survive and only then by investment and a better business attitude towards their core staff.We will shed no tears or worry about the future of jobs as maybe it is time to "call time" on a shockingly poorly regulated industry.


    UKHospitality has called for urgent government support in the Autumn Statement as new figures have revealed that the number of licensed premises in Britain...


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