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    Quality jobs needed to inspire recruitment.

    This week, a figure in the industry has said what Unichef has been saying for many years.

    Chantal Wilson from NQ64 Bars in London has rightfully said that the industry doesn't have a "recruitment" problem but in fact has a major Job issue in that the very quality of work is stopping people from looking towards Hospitality as a career choice.

    So, how do we bring quality to work and what can employers do to solve the issues once and for all?

    We have said for years that employers need to build into their employment work ethics and moral attitudes of fairness and flexibility.The issues we face was never only about the money and yet the industry has still not listened.

    Our "hit list" would include...

    1, An end to one sided and "cut and paste” contracts.

    2. An end to inflexible work patterns, i.e. split shifts, AFD and every weekend shifts unless such work is enhanced.

    3. Unbiased and independent HR representation

    4, More high-quality recruitment with qualifications gained being recognised and rewarded.

    5, A “Zero Tolerance” to Drugs and substance abuse with mandatory drug testing in all kitchens.

    6. A return to “time served” management who know and understand traditional and established work practices and less “graduate” based management structures who only follow the corporate role and put profitability before all else,who have done a few bar shifts and get promoted to manager.

    7.Legislated maximum"trial periods"

    8.Contracts giving in advance of acceptance,a" breathing space" for contracts to be read and scrutinised.

    9. 48 hour maximum pay errors rectified

    10.Re-enforced Management responsibility and awareness of toxic environments

    All well and good having good intentions and ideas, putting them into practice is another thing.We totally applaud Chantals stance and have criticised the industry for being in denial but can we move on from here and create that environment of change and optimism?

    Hopefully with more people like Chantal we can ... 



    The hospitality industry has a “job problem” rather than a “recruitment problem”, according to the interim people director of NQ64 Arcade Bars.



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