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    Established since 1990, CJUK are passionate about raising the standards in the industry, creating better recruitment experiences for our Chefs and clients. We work in partnership with our CJUK Chefs to provide #ABetterWay of working within the hospitality industry.

    Better recruitment  |  Better opportunities  |  Better work-life balance

    CJUK are nationwide Chef recruitment specialists with an excellent reputation in the hospitality industry for providing our chefs with long, successful careers where you can;

    • Be paid for every hour you work
    • Enjoy a healthy work-life balance
    • Remember the reason you became a Chef initially
    • Personalised inductions
    • Continually develop your skills


    This is a pledge to our brigade of Chefs to ensure they have the best possible experience when working with us.  We believe our loyal and hard working Chefs should benefit from better pay, working conditions and work-life balance.

    See the CJUK Chef Charter click below:


    CJUK Chefs receive a range of benefits, including:

    • Holiday pay
    • Travel allowances & accommodation
    • Freedom to choose how, when and where you work
    • Enrolment onto our pension scheme
    • Branded workwear
    • Work towards becoming a CJUK Ambassador click below:


    CJUK have been established since 1990 and we have our loyal Chef Ambassadors to thank for our excellent reputation, representing us in the industry!

    Sign up to become a CJUK Chef click below:


    Established since 1990, we take great care in our recruitment process which is why we have a fantastic reputation in the industry. Apply now to join our brigade!


    We take great pride in our Chef recruitment process, which is why we have a fantastic reputation in the Hospitality industry. We take care of our Chefs and really want them to feel challenged, motivated and happy in their work. Being a Chef can be tough but extremely rewarding if you have the right support and working conditions, which is why joining CJUK as an Interim Chef can be a serious career choice.


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    “The benefits for CJUK Chefs are that for the very first time in our industry a renowned Chef Recruitment Consultancy has partnered with an Official Trade Body that represents all UK chefs. This gives CJUK chefs that added comfort and security that the high commitment that CJUK show to Chef Wellbeing  is endorsed by The National Chefs Union.  This sets CJUK apart from any other and is visionary and truly inspirational and will set a standard for many to follow”.

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