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    In the 21st century chefs are increasingly asking themselves and their employers just why our profession is in such turmoil.

    Just why, when we have put so much effort into recipe development, technological advancements and hyper media promotion that many of our chefs still work in almost Victorian conditions of employment and with industry mindsets that are outdated and ineffective.

    Most of us now realise that there must be A Better Way, but what is exactly is that and just how is it envisioned in a way all of us can understand?

    A Better Way is the vision of Richard Mellor, Founder Chairman of positive thinking Chef Recruitment specialists CJUK and the Cummins Mellor Group and is now spearheaded by Managing Director Katie Mellor

    Richard realised a long time ago that chefs were leaving the industry and were not being replaced. He knew that there were many reasons for this and that we all as an industry needed to address the concerns of its workforce if the profession was to move forward and attract new talent.

    Earlier this year CJUK teamed up with The National Chefs Union in a revolutionary and ground breaking initiative where Employer and Union were completely at one with how chefs must be treated in the future, no if’s, no buts. A working partnership that encourages all businesses to see their chefs as an asset to their business and puts their workforce at the very heart of all they do, and that partnership A Better Way is now being extended across the country.

    A Better Way shows us just how to move forward in a difficult economic environment with positive beliefs that our chefs are the key driving force and the reason for success.

    A Better Way includes:

    • Pay and qualification recognition and recognition of the EU Working Time directive on the maximum 48 hour week for contractual working.
    • A fair work life balance
    • Adhesion to statutory regulations regarding Health and Safety
    • Adhesion to statutory “Day 1 “contracts
    • Adequate changing and rest facilities.
    • Adhesion to Statutory rest breaks and recognition of the HSE’s policy on Heat stress in Commercial kitchens.
    • Commitment to a Zero Tolerance on workplace abuse

    A Better Way will become our industry’s flag that all likeminded organisations and employers can sign up to and use in their promotions and in their recruitment campaigns, with employees and future employees assured that their employer is committed to A Better Way of working and that they have their chefs at the heart of all they do.


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