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  • Unichef Registration and Subscription Levels (read before joining)

    It is important for any prospective member to fully understand that your membership is for life and that you will always be a registered stakeholder in Unichef, The National chefs Union until such time that you request that you be de-registered and are taken off our official Register of Members.

    If you have subscribed, when your payments cease you will be classified as an Unsubscribed Member (not paying subscriptions) but will still be on our Register as a member of the Unichef website. You will not be entitled to any benefits or support but may still receive newsletters and information and cannot unsubscribe from them unless you leave the Union Register.

    Each and every member is a registered Stakeholder within the company and is legally liable for the debts of Unichef up to the value of £1. Your first pound is taken as a guarantee to any creditors of Unichef. Thereafter, Members have no other liabilities.

    There are three tiers as outlined below:

  • Click image to register

    Registration Only
    Click the Purple image above to register

    By registering you allow us to email you information and updates concerning only that of Unichef, The National Chefs Union CIC. (subject to conditions set out by the Information Commissioner)

    Registered Supporters do not have any rights nor access to our specialist services. Only Subscribed and fully paid members can access Unichef’s full support package.

    Registered Supporters may use our Social Media sites and ask for brief advice from our helplines.

    We thank you in reaching out to us, your support in vital in Unichef supporting UK Chefs and the Hospitality Industry. 

  • Click image to Subscribe

    Community Membership
    Click the Purple image above to subscribe

    This is an “entry level” subscription which allows you to join our Union and enjoy the community and share some of its unique privileges and rewards, whilst not being fully engaged with the Union.

    There is a one-off charge of £15.00 for this subscription level

    You will receive:

    • A lifetime membership card
    • Membership newsletters and updates
    • Online HR advice links
    • Ongoing member offers
    • Acas links
    • Full Union voting rights
    • Full website access


  • Click image to Subscribe

    Full Membership
    Click the Purple image above to subscribe

    Full members receive all the benefits of Unichef including full support and representation up to and including ACAS Mediation levels. Support is not automatic or guaranteed and is given on a case-by-case basis, assessed and then escalated if need be.

    There is a quarterly subscription charge for this tier currently £29.97 per quarter

    You will receive full member benefits including:

    • Lifetime Membership Card
    • Membership newsletter and updates
    • Online HR Advice Links
    • Ongoing Members offers
    • ACAS-Links
    • Full Union Voting Rights
    • Work grievance links
    • Website access
    • ACAS advice and representation
    • Work grievance support advice
    • Complaint templates
    • Employer/Employee mediation
    • Access to dedicated HR Advice Line
    • Tribunal representation (Assessed Application Only)
    • Online/Phone representation with disciplinary hearing
    • Confidential advice line

  • It is important to read the following as it explains the registration process and how you can also manage your subscriptions should you decide to subscribe or upgrade your subscription.

    Click on the any of the images above each registration/subscription model to proceed with your registration or subscription. 

    If registering only you will be taken to a form to complete, it's imperative that you complete all of the required fields accurately, otherwise it may delay your registration. 

    If you are subscribing you will be taken to the subscriptions page where you can choose which subscription you want to take up.  If you are not already registered the form will give you the option to first register and then complete your subscription along with your payment details.

    It IMPERATIVE that you complete all of the fields accurately or it may delay your subscription.

    Your email address MUST be valid and working as the system will send you a validation email to confirm your email address; if your email address is typed in wrong it will delay your registration/subscription, so please double check to make sure it is entered correctly.

    Those subscribing will be held for administrator approval so there may be a short delay whilst your membership is approved.

    The following is important should you wish to move from registered member to subscriber.  Your personal account menu is located in the top menu and shows as your logged in name - click this to open the menu and you will see an entry titled 'Manage Subscriptions' see below:


    When you click/tap this option you will be taken to the subscription page.  If you are already registered, you will have the option to choose either of the two tiers.  If you are already subscribed you will see what options are open to you, if any.  At all times you are in control of your registration/subscriptions.

    If you have any issues or questions use the contact link shown at the bottom of every page.

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