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  • Brian

    The "seedy" side of a Michelin Star

    We knew it would not be long before we got a Michelin Starred Chef into court and now we have a date set.

    On June 25th 2024 a well known ( self publicist ) Chef in Soho London will be before the courts owing our member and others many thousands of pounds in wages and entitlements.

    This vile man has spent millions on refurbing his Restaurant,the best of crockery ,the best of cutlery and tableware the very finest decor,all in his narcissistic quest for "Michelin Gold" and all on the backs of his staff and his creditors.

    He is without doubt the most obnoxious person this Union has ever had to deal with and we cannot wait to get this court order against him and finally show to the world the very seedy side of Michelin dining.

    How so many Michelin Chefs are up to their neck in debt and struggle to pay their way and are in fact running their business insolvently and against the law and whilst diners happily scoff their Cuisine Miniscule"and gulp their Dom Perignon oblivious to a young family in London with a baby who is owed more than £10,000 and who have struggled to pay for simple necessities.

    Unichef has never exposed any employer before and this will be the first but have no doubt we WILL EXPOSE this chef and let the world see exactly what has been going on Michelin kitchens for many years.The amount of stress and worry this family has had to endure in the name of Michelin is simply appalling and when our industry scratches its head wondering where all of the staff have gone to we have to believe that the problems we have been complaining about for so long are there right in front of our eyes every single day.

    This Chef thinks he knows the law and believes he is above it and will try every trick to get out of it,what he never recond on was a National Chefs Union that will stick by its members through thick and thin when they are so badly treated by their employers.

    This man has set about the ruin of a chef who worked hard to help him obtain his first Michelin star and has then consistently refused to pay him what he is legally owed,he cares about nothing but his quest for Michelin stardom and he and Michelin are about to find out that the time has come to those in our industry first.


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