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  • Brian

    The VAT squabble

    Yet again more calls for a cut in VAT for the Hospitality industry but once again the Chancellor isn't buying it ..but why ?

    Government thoughts have always been that ours is a "luxury" industry.If people do with less going out and pubs and Restaurants struggle or even quit,then it no big loss,the industry can well manage with less and the jobs will be absorbed into other things.

    Its believed that a VAT cut for Hospitality would indeed be more harmful to the UK economy than helpful to the industry.

    The "eat our to help out" scheme proved this and the Economy has yet to recoup billions given in Furlough during the pandemic" a lot of which was fraudulently applied for by unscrupulous pubs and restaurant owners.

    Therefore the Government isn't rushing into giving more help for an Industry that has squandered support in the past.

    As Unichef has said all along,that the industry really is too big,with too many mediocre pubs and restaurants,churning out mediocre food,too many "brands" too many "filling stations" out to make a quick buck,too many that treat staff badly,pay poorly and overwork to exhaustion.

    We have said consistently that the Industry needs to look at itself in the mirror and face the challenges that is in front of them and realise that a cut in VAT would only be a "sticking plaster"over a huge wound that has opened up since the Pandemic.We knew it was always going to be this way so why couldn't they see it ?


    A quarter of hospitality businesses have run out of money are trading in a perilous state according to a new report.


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