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    Raab,Unichef and Bullying

    The Dominic Raab Affair

    If your wondering what Ex minister Dominic Raab and Unichef have in common then read on?

    Since our conception in 2015 Unichef has constantly and consistently fought against bullying and harassment in UK kitchens.
    Last week when the Deputy Prime Minister resigned over bully allegations it signed a new chapter in workplace relations that will last for many years to come.

    Finally the issue of bullying now been clearly defined by a leading KC and that in itself has set a new precedent for what can now be defined as “Workplace Bullying”

    For years we have been warning chefs that this day would come, that there arrogance, shouting, bating, banter and sexist overtones amounted to dismissal and we have been proved right.
    That overbearing criticism, belittling of people and humiliation can all now be termed as “abuse of power” and that can lead to dismissal and even prosecution.

    Even as you read this we are involved in several serious cases where “abuse of power” by either a Head Chef or Sous Chef has been ignored and allowed to create an “atmosphere of fear” and intimidation.

    Even now in the 21st Century we have Chefs who believe that the can do and say whatever the like in “their” kitchen. Their time has come, their reckoning awaits and Unichef will punish all who abuse abuse and condone this vile and outdated behaviour in the workplace.


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