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  • Brian

    Roux's stand against bullying

    Well, at last someone of renown has finally had the guts to come out and tell it like it is?

    Well done to Michel Roux Jr for at long last acknowledging what Unichef has been saying since 2015 and that bullying has ruined our industry and profession to the extent that it's affected the provision of chefs coming into the Hospitality sector and not only chefs but waiters and others staff also.
    “We want the next generation of chefs to fall in love with this industry, not to hate it.” He says, but it seems still staying shy of just why Marco and Ramsay became so tyrannical after being at Le Gavroche.

    Indeed, William Sitwell himself is slightly perplexed at having to leave that conversation for another time?

    As Unichef prepares to battle in the Courts again over yet another bullying Chef,  hopefully slowly but surely chefs are beginning to realise that the bawling and shouting of bullying behaviour is at last beginning to fade and that a Court Trial for unfair dismissal isn’t the way to run your kitchen ?




    With the closure of Le Gavroche, Michel Roux Jr called for the end of aggressive kitchen environments. But do we sometimes need conflict?


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