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  • Brian

    Are things getting better ??

    oops...in the news again hahaha..

    Great article by Sammy Gecsoyler in today's Guardian about Michelin Restaurants and how they ( the few ) are changing their ways to be more "chef friendly",forgetting the fact that they have HAD to do this to keep chefs ?

    Those contributing seem to think that all the bad points in the industry have been miraculously erased and that we no longer suffer discrimination,bullying,harassment,prejudice,wages theft and wrongful dismissal etc etc !!

    I gave my opinion on what they have said,but what do you say..are they right or are they still living in a" Michelin Bubble"
    would love your thoughts as always please...


    A work-life balance may have been unheard of in high-end kitchens in the past, but restaurants are now having to make changes


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