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    Justice for Chef G

    Finally we can now tell you the full story of Chef G and her amazing fight for justice.

    Chef G is a female chef working in the UK. She has a young family of 3 and is a devoted working mum. She had been at her job for 5 years, happily working as part of a successful team within a busy pub that had survived through the pandemic and was now looking to a bright future with a new company that had recently bought the establishment.

    All was well until a new chef arrived with big plans and ambitions. He systematically set about destroying relationships to further his ambitions to create his very own “man cave” bullying out both the female head chef and our member Chef G as well as the sous chef who had been there 15 years.

    Chef G complained at her treatment which included the Head Chef rostering her for hours which impacted heavily on her family as well as the constant and vicious harassment. She was initially listened to but the company failed to control the new head Chef and things got worse and she then contacted Unichef.

    She submitted a formal grievance which in law must be acted upon within 5 days. The company failed to do this in the belief that they could simply ignore her and get rid of her. With our advice, she beat them to this by resigning and claiming Wrongful Dismissal brought about by the company’s failure to uphold her legal right to a grievance ( breach of contract ).

    The company denied the allegations but we knew she was right from the start and supported Chef G all the way through her Tribunal Application until this week when we signed her Settlement Agreement which has vindicated her and left the company with a substantial 4 figure sum and hefty legal bills.

    Chef G is unique.  She had the common sense and fortitude to keep a daily diary of her treatment as well as every email, rota and social media message, the sheer volume of evidence was overwhelming and the company had little choice but to admit defeat and agree an Out of Court settlement. with us.

    Each night after a hard day’s work and when the kids were in bed, she would diligently work her way through the masses of legal info and jargon, preparing her case and answering all that we asked of her without complaint or whining.

    This was a case that need not have happened, Unichef and Chef G simply wanted the issues solving but male pride and male dominance of the company and kitchen meant that their egos were more important to them than common sense,in reality it could have all been sorted over a cup of tea and bunch of flowers...  not a good way to run a business you might think?

    Every day for the last year we have supported, encouraged and inspired Chef G to her successful claim,  we never stopped believing in her case and her amazing fight for justice,  she is a truly remarkable and inspiring woman and it has been a total pleasure to have her as our member.Her courage has inspired everyone around her and will now act in encouraging more women to come forward and seek justice for how they are treated at work and what she has done will be remembered here at Unichef for many years to come.

    Unichef has shown once again that justice for UK chefs is very possible. Our chefs have a strong and powerful Union that is prepared to stand up and fight for their rights and success is there for those that seek it.



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