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  • Brian

    Jamie's bang on !

    Almost day one Unichef have seen the vision of diversity as the answer to the majority of the issues in modern catering,  and now yet again we have been proven right.

    At  last a major figure in the profession has had the courage to say what we have believed in for so long that the major issues of drugs and sexism will not go away whilst we still have male dominated kitchens.

    This outdated and largely unworkable method of kitchen planning often sees high turnover of staff and increasing problems of recruitment and low morale.

    Once again Jamie Oliver's insight into our industry is stunningly accurate, his bravery exemplary and his vision acute. He knows more than most and has the balls to say so.

    His admission that he works better when he thinks like a woman and has women around him is extraordinary and one that many chefs can Identify with but have not had the courage to say so.He sees the unique and special talents women bring to a kitchen and their simplistic and uncomplicated attitude to food that can enhance a working environment tenfold.

    50/50 kitchens have to be our future, there can be no doubt now and
    applause and credit once again to truly inspirational Jamie Oliver.


    The celebrity chef spoke about the ‘aggressive’ and ‘male-driven’ kitchens he’d worked in previously


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