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    What is "workplace coercive control"

    (C) Workplace Coercive Control occurs when someone intentionally targets an employee(s) to injure, damage or destroy their presence in the workplace. This usually consists of a campaign of terror until the perpetrator(s) underhandedly forces and ends the targets working life.

    So,we've all been there for sure, that one person who just HAS to have the final say no matter how stupid or unreasonable it is,but why? what is all the fuss about and just why are they intent on "power trippin" ? 

    Coercive Control is a growing phenomenon,some people describe it as "gaslighting" but in fact it is a subtle but very dangerous form of mind control that is designed to weaken your resolve and demean you to level of subordination.You will find that this behavior often stems from their homelife and they will often have a history of intimidation within their family,often abusing their spouses and children.

    Nasicism in its extreme,where the perpetrator not only doesn't care,but doesnt even realise the damage and hurt they are doing,and that damage can be very damaging indeed and very long lasting also.

    They often put constant pressure upon you to agree with them or think and act as they would want you to,but it often them having that "final word" which is the telling point.You will also find that these people may well have been involved in other conflicts such as a divorce or a custody battle.

    This person often tends to pretend they're "in charge" or act in an overbearing and aggressively powerful manner, pulling your strings as no one else does.

    They may do it as a way of getting even or a way of getting you into trouble,denying they ever said anything after giving you an instruction or advice that has gone wrong or backfired.

    However the question is..is it illegal?

    They answer is yes,it is illegal,but it is a very difficult thing to prove and only the most diligent person can hope to succeed in any accusation of coercive bullying.Meticulous Diary's need to be kept and your Union informed at the very earliest as well as any taped conversations with the perpetrator.

    For sure though,standing up to them is no easy thing.The very fact that you dare to question their authority sends a signal to their 
    brain warning them of a possible threat to their power,it frightens them and confuses them as they are used to getting their way through bullying.

    However for those that can and do,it can be a life changing revelation,and a soul searching venture that changes you for their better,making you stronger and wiser in a way you never thought possible.


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