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Great chefs wanted for La Belle Assiette
Fantastic wages, constant praise, your own menus and an incredible team to support you, what more could any chef want?

Yet the dream of many chefs awaits anyone who works for Europe’s premier Fine Dining website.

La Belle Assiette’s phenomenal rise to the top is founded on the simples principals of making sure everyone involved for each event has an amazing time..and that includes the chef!

LBA ( as it's known to all ) takes enormous pride in the success of their chefs and will do anything that is needed to secure the success of your client’s special night.

Each chef decides their own menu and costings based on LBA’s price ranges. You get to decide how much you want to work by using your own unique calendar portal, you even get to decide what area’s you want to cover and you can decide on the maximum number of guest you wish to cook for. Examples below:

On the evening of the event, you are the star performer, raising your game to secure the highest of accolades from your guests ( and some great tips also ! ) and hopefully that all-important rave review, which is the crowning glory of a job well done.

Being an LBA chef is the ultimate in designer cookery. Total freedom in what you cook and how you work, and an amazing team to support you all the way, the only rule is just making sure your guests have a truly wonderful night to remember.

Why not click into the link and call La Belle Assiette today, you won’t be sorry, I promise… bon appetite

Find Out More - Click Here
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Chefstress - identifying the causes
Chefstress, identifying the causes. With some of the hottest temperatures on record now hitting our kitchens, it’s time to evaluate and quantify to very causes of what is now acknowledged as “heat stress” which in turn leads to the workplace stress known as Chefstress. So, what exactly are “heatstress” and “chefstress” and how do they affect chefs in modern working kitchens.
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Self Employment, the myths and facts
Self Employment, the myths and facts. The growth is Self Employed Chefs in recent years shows us that many chefs seek the freedom and independence that this form of employment offers, but what are the myths and facts and is it really a bed of roses? Having been Self Employed for 35years I’m better qualified than most to explain the good and the bad to anyone thinking of taking the plunge into the unknown.
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FSA the questions you asked
FSA the questions you asked. Earlier this year we asked the FSA a list of questions compiled from Our FB forum, It was quite a debate with some surprising answers and many chefs wanting further advice and info. It also gave us a great insight into how the FSA works and a chance to form a lasting relationship with them. Here are the questions and answers in their entirety.
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Bullying in the workplace
Bullying in the workplace. Have you ever wondered why bullying chefs are the way they are? Why some kitchens are so "tribal", why they need to shout, play the big guy or simply just behave as if the whole kitchen revolves around them? Well, now you have all the answers in Wendy M.B Bloisi's fascinating thesis on Bullying and Negative behaviour in Commercial Kitchens.
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