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  • Brian

    Kids veto Hospitality

    New stats out today show that less than a quarter of all young people now see hospitality as a career option.

    This is of little surprise to many as we have seen a demise in the quality and quantity of successful recruits coming from the NVQ system.

    It is what has been termed our Perfect Storm “as many aging employees (especially chefs) went either during the pandemic or shortly afterwards. That and the Brexit shortage of E.U workers has made our industry even less attractive than it ever was.

    This stark report shows that industry has much more to do than simply upping wages as we rightly said during the pandemic that money was not the only issue facing Hospitality.

    Sadly though, this report is likely to fall on deaf ears. Those responsible for leading our industry are much more interested in achieving accolades for themselves than solving the industry's woes



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