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    Mock test: Level 4 food safety in hospitality

    -Use this mock test to see what your staff know about food safety. You can copy & paste this into a word document or get staff to view this post and write their answers on a plain pieces of paper. If individuals struggle with writing, have them complete it verbally. (Marks are for guidance when completing normal NCOH courses)

    The following paper is a practice of a Level 4 NCOH exam in managing food safety in hospitality. The first part will be a 30 short question exam and the second part a 6 question extensive written exam.

    The first part should be completed in under 1 hour, 30 minutes.

    The second part should be completed in under 3 hours.

    Both of these sections will give you an idea of the knowledge level expected when you take the real Level 4 exam.



    1: What does food safety mean, and what does it involve? (4 marks)







    2: List at least 6 of the 14 allergens we must declare and give examples of foods these allergens may be found (12 Marks)










    3:List some shapes of bacteria (what they look like). (2 Marks)







    4: ATP swabbing can be used in swabbing, Explain your understanding of ATP (2 marks)






    5: Explain your understanding of an Endotoxin (2 marks)






    6: List some Anaerobic bacteria (2 marks)







    7: The Shigella Sonnei bacteria can cause what bacillary illness? (1 mark)





    8: HUS (Hymolitic Uraemic syndrome) is caused by what bacteria? (1 mark)




    9: The Gram Staining process helps us identify what characteristic of bacteria? (1 mark)




    10: What are the symptoms associated with Norovirus? (1 Mark)








    11: Give some examples of low dose pathogens? (2 Marks)






    12: List some materials & characteristics that would be satisfactory for the construction of walls in a food room (2 marks)








    14: Explain your knowledge of what is involved in verification when relating to the principles of HACCP (2 Marks)








    15:  The German Cockroach is a common food pest in the UK, What other name is it known as? (1 Mark)




    16: What pathogenic bacteria is associated with Raw poultry? (2 Marks)






    17: Vibrio Parahaemolyticus is often associated with what food types? (1 Mark)






    18: A BPCA contractor will assist you in what? (1 Mark)




    19: List some BS EN codes and what they are commonly used for: (3 Marks)







    20: What is the managers role in personal hygiene? (4 marks)











    21: What does the Flagellae help a bacteria with? (1 Mark)




    22: Explain what 4 processes can be used in cleaning? (2 Marks)






    23: What are the 3 characteristics of a detergent? (2 Marks)





    24: What does a CCP mean and when is it used in HACCP? (2 Marks)






    25: Explain what should be included in a cleaning schedule: (4 Marks)









    26: List some types/species of Parasite (2 marks)






    27:  Explain your knowledge of sterilisation and how it can be achieved (2 Marks)






    28: How soon must you notify the council of changes to the food business? (1 Mark)





    29: Staff are not following your company food safety policies, what action could you take? (2 Marks)





    30: A verocyto toxin is released by what bacteria?





    ---------------------------END OF SHORT QUESTIONS-------------------------------


    Introduction to extensive questions:

    In your examination, you will be presented with 6 questions. You only need to answer 4 of them.

    Each question is worth 15 Marks.

    It is expected that each question will require 2-3 sides of A4 to be a pass mark of 12. 

    Use these questions as a practice without your resource books:



    1: Head office has asked you to provide a 1 hour training presentation for all other head chefs across the country;

    a - You are expected to talk about the bacteria E coli O157

    B - You are expected to talk about maintenance of the food environments

    C - The third subject will be a choice of your own.


    Explain what you will talk about in these subject going into as much detail as possible.



    2: You are opening a new food business and need to develop a HACCP from scratch.

    Explain how you would go about this process and what your first priorities would be before conducting a Hazard Analysis.



    3: Your staff have reported cockroaches present in the dry stores area of the kitchen.  They are unsure of the type of cockroach or what they look like.


    A - Explain what questions you would ask the staff and why  you would ask them these questions.

    B - What would your next actions be after the questioning of staff?



    4: The staff Personal Hygiene Policy (SOP’s) needs creating after an EHO improvement notice. Write out an example Policy:







    5: You have started cooking food using Sous vide involving water baths.  

    A - What hazards are involved?

    B - What controls measures could you use?

    C - How will you train junior staff on sous vide food safety?



    6: A customer has called you early this morning letting you know they have a severe allergy to milk. Your kitchen actively handles milk and milk powder in a large proportion of recipes.

    A - How will you prepare staff for this situation?

    B - What steps/measures will you take to ensure the food is safe to eat for the customer?

    C - What will you do if the customer has a severe reaction in your restaurant? (Both during an after the event)

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