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    Basic White Bread - 28-32 rolls or 1 loaf (NCOH)

    – 1 kg strong white flour ( Bread Flour)
    – 30g Yeast 
    – 20g sugar
    – 575g warm water (35-40’C)
    – 100g Oil
    – 20g Salt

    1. Activate yeast, sugar, water, oil together in a jug until foam forms at top (this will come through the oil)
    2. Mix flour and salt together (+ any flavorings you wish, try rosemary & Truffle, or onion and sesame)
    3. Add yeast mixture to flour mixture and knead until dough becomes elastic (the dough shouldn’t tear and should be slightly firm)
    4. Leave to prove in a bowl for 60 minutes at 38’C (rationale setting on oven). ensure you have wet the dough so the yeast does not dry out.
    5. knock the dough back and knead until firm, either portion into bread rolls (45 – 55g rolls) or loaves (4 loaves out of one batch)

    For rolls:
    prove for 40 minutes
    For loaves:
    Prove for 70 minutes

    Set the oven to baking bread setting (or 200’C with 15% steam)
    Bread rolls will take approximately 10-15 minutes

    Bread Loaves will take approximately 20-25 minutes

    – Cook for half cooking time if preparing in advanced (if the bread will be left for 4+ hours before being served). cook for the remainder time at 180’C = 20 minutes before service

    Allergen Present
    Gluten Yes
    Milk/ Dairy  
    Soy/soya Check oil used
    Sulphur Dioxide  
    Dietary/ General Information Suitable = Yes/ No
    Vegan NO
    Vegetarian Yes
    Gluten Free / Ceoliac No
    Lactose Intolerant NO
    Diabetic Yes
    Halal Yes
    High risk food? No
    Shelf Life 3 Days (Best Before)
    Freezer Life 3 Months

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