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    Strategy For School Support

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    Strategy for food4kids to support a whole-school approach to healthy eating

    Healthy eating should be implemented as a whole-school approach to involve healthy eating as part of everyday school life. Food4kids aims to develop a supportive culture and environment by engaging with the community of the whole school.

    School Management

    Support from school principals and management can lead in the support of a whole school approach to healthy eating.

    Food4Kids will offer support on:

    The implementation of school food service policies.

    Offering advice on how to provide an encouraging environment to healthy eating habits.
    Information and resources to encourage a whole school approach to embed healthy eating habits.

    Manufacturers and suppliers

    Manufacturers are improving the composition of products that support alternatives to high sugars and carbohydrates. Food4Kids will contact various suppliers and communicate with schools on the best products available to drive down the over consumption of sugars and carbohydrates that contribute towards childhood obesity. Working with various schools will in addition reduce the prices from suppliers for healthier alternative products as the demand increases.


    Experience, skills, and knowledge from chefs will allow the creation of recipes with the use of alternative products that can be transferred into a school kitchen at ease. Allowing healthier alternatives to be served at schools to combat the prevalence of childhood obesity.









    kids3.jpgSchool Catering

    Support from school catering can contribute to the whole school approach by providing foods in line with school food service policies and providing an encouraging environment.

    Food4kids will offer support on:

    • Healthy menu choices that are cost effective.
    • Healthy cooking options.
    • Offer culinary expertise to encourage healthy eating habits.







    Students are also able to contribute to the whole school approach by being active participants not only within the school environment but sharing their innovative ideas at home and encouraging others.

    Food4kids will offer support on:

    • Engaging with children to get involved in healthy eating.
    • Giving children the suitable resources.
    • Demonstrating how to take their new skill home to share with others.





    Support from staff can encourage and implement a whole school approach, by delivering the knowledge and skills to embed healthy eating, they can promote health promotion and be role models to all children.

    Food4kids will offer support on:

    • Current and correct information on healthy foods.
    • Resources for health promotion.
    • Information on healthy snack choices.



    Families contribute to the whole school approach by assisting and supporting their children in their development of healthy eating behaviours.

    Food4Kids will offer support on:

    Using social media and the internet as a platform to involve parents and contribute idea and resources on healthy food choices that are cost and time effective.



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