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  1. Dave

    Employment Issues

    Employment issues can be complex and very time consuming. UK employment law is now one of the most diverse in the world and almost all employees are regulated to some degree. However much of that regulation is governed by the time you have been employed ( length of service ) and any contract details. Landau Law are experts at Employment Legislation and Unichef are proud to have them as our supporting network for all employment issues. If you have any employment issues please click on the link which will take you to their info panel. From there you can gain information on the subject that is concerning you and if need be you can then return to us for further guidance. Click the link below to visit the special page setup for Unichef Members. UK Employment Law for individuals - Landau Law WWW.LANDAULAW.CO.UK UK employment law rights for employees and senior executives in easy to understand language, from specialist employment law solicitors. 020 7100 5256
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