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    Anaphylaxis explained

    Mention allergens to most chefs and they throw their hands into the air, it is still the most talked about discussion in kitchens today. If you then mention Anaphylaxis you are likely to very soon talking to yourself.

    Yet is shouldn’t be that way. True it is a subject that frightens many because the very thought that your actions may cause injury or even death can scare many chefs into being unconfident .

    Anaphylaxis is the serious reaction that the body has when the Allergen concerned invades the system and the body’s immune defence struggles to cope. Each Allergen has a different effect, and some may be mild but others deadly

    However is knowledge is power, and the Anaphylaxis Campaign is an amazing organisation that sets out to give everyone a better understanding of exactly what Anaphylaxis is how as chefs we can begin to work with these allergens and begin to understand the effects they can have on the body.

    The website of AC is full of amazing advice and categorises each of the 14 Allergens and give a complete and well written synopsis than anyone can understand so chefs should no longer be afraid, but instead embrace the Allergen system and advice, treat all of their clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve and power forward into a new realm of cooking.

    So take a look at AC and you will see the Allergan issue in a completely different light, This incredible organisation is doing so much to educate everyone and Unichef is doing all it can in making chefs understand more to help them in their daily routine.

    Check out their fantastic website and begin to learn more about Allergens and the effects they can have.


    We support everyone affected by anaphylaxis and severe allergies, access comprehensive factsheets, join us as a member, access our AllergyWise training



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