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    Has Michelin and AA had their chips ??

    For those that wonder just what sort of future role Michelin and AA rosettes have post pandemic then this excellent article by Andy Lynes may begin to throw some light as to why many in the industry now believe as we do that the accreditations system in the UK is well outdated and is no longer fit for purpose (as if it ever was?)


    Accolades in the hospitality sector are still stuck in the past with recognition still mainly going to white male chefs cooking European cuisine. Andy Lynes...

    Both of these accreditations have made chefs in the UK believe that somehow, they are a true reflection of the quality of cookery and that incredibly the public are culinary educated enough to understand the differences in the various levels. They have both been found guilty of taking the public for idiots and chefs for granted and now people are beginning to realise what we have been saying for many years.

    In this article, Andy has expertly opened up the growing debate as just how relevant these archaic institutions really are and the role, they have played in creating a sexist and elitist industry that has cared little for its employees and are both now struggling to survive and justify their existence.

    So too the many Chefs Associations that prosper the belief that only if you join their “club” will you ever achieve greatness in this profession. You too can have have a sash,a badge and say your some sort of culinary genius? That is of course if your white, male and don’t rock the boat, as many of these ( not all ) rely heavily on the white male dominance that Andy Lynes describes and that is at the root of much of our historical issues.Perpetrating white male dominance has proved to be the undoing of our industry.white males are leaving in droves,for better and safer industries yet these "guardians" of our profession still fail to see it.

    This well put together article clearly shows that it isn’t just Unichef that is questioning the system but now those within it are clearly saying that what we have had in the past has not resulted in giving us an industry that rewards chefs for their hard work, is well regulated and is forward thinking in employee welfare and that it is time to scrap both of these systems and start afresh.

    Finally people are realising that the price paid in achieving these indulgent accolades is no longer economically viable or even necessary in today's post pandemic catering industry and a better more inclusive and less elitist way of informing the public of the level of culinary talent needs to be evolved.

    In all honesty,if both the AA and Michelin Guides folded tomorrow,would it really matter ?

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