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    Unichef endorses #Fairkitchens

    The National Chefs Union, Unichef has agreed to fully endorse the movement #Fair Kitchens and its new online Leadership Training.

    The movement co-foundered by Unilever in 2018, is an international movement aiming to make staff happiness as important as diner satisfaction and  will acknowledge fair pay, fair hours and fair conditions within that establishment. The movement, which seeks to improve the wellbeing of hospitality and foodservice workers, now has more than 22,000 community members learning from each other and creating resilient businesses in the process. It has recently launched free online leadership training in interpersonal skills called ‘Leading a Fair Kitchen’.

    Unichef will be supporting the movement with regular updates, information and guiding chefs towards the Leadership Training. The long-term ambition is to create a point of preference, with ‘Fair Kitchens’ recognised by potential team members as good places to work and by diners as assurance of a quality dining experience that doesn’t compromise staff wellbeing.

    Executive Director Brian Mcelderry writes” Fair Kitchens will, for the first time, give a clear guideline to those employers who seek to give their workforce better pay, hours and conditions and will give customers a true indication of how staff are supported within each establishment, and hopefully this will become the future for all of our kitchens.

    Click either of the images below to visit the Fair Kitchens website.

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