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    Press Release statement March 2022


    “Private Chef Giants La Belle Assiette to sponsor The National Chefs Union”

    Unichef, The National Chefs Union, are delighted to announce that Europe’s premiere Private Chef Hire and Home Dining experience La Belle Assiette have agreed to sponsor Unichef for 2022.

    This special and unique agreement will focus on the substantial wellbeing and rewards opportunity’s enjoyed by both LBA chefs and Unichef members.

    As Executive Director of Unichef explains:

     “for the first time a company has enlisted the services of a union to promote its in house benefits whilst at the same time allowing all of its chefs to Join a Union free of charge, it is totally visionary and inspiring”

    This is the very first time a company employing freelance chefs have ever enlisted the support of a National Union and LBA Chief Executive Guillaume Cussac explains just why this partnership is so special, he says this:

    "We are very pleased to support Unichef and all of the amazing work they do for the Chef industry. As the UK's leading private Chef company, Chef wellbeing is key and at the heart of what we do; supporting Unichef just made a lot of sense



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