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  • Steven Mercer
    Steven Mercer

    An Introduction To Yoga

    How can yoga help wellbeing?

    Yoga is a science which came from India and is a union of the body, mind, and true self.

    A Holistic approach to wellbeing from how we behave, breathe, move and be still.

    “Yoga is a search of the self, based on an inner practice and detachment”- Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre


    • stretching the body. Asana practice can help balance posture issues that cause neck and back pain as well as ease the pain of repetitive actions and helps the effects of being on your feet for long hours.
    • Simply great physical exercise for strength, mobility, and cardio.
    • Helps blood circulation, digestion and moves energy around the body.


    • Stress and anxiety management
    • With better, more controlled breathing happier chemicals can be released and we can spend less time living in fight or flight mode.
    • Allows you to find space to be yourself, with yourself.

    On a Community level.

    • Encourages you to feel more at one with others
    • encourages compassion and non-judgement
    • the potential of a yoga ripple effect is massive for the wellbeing of whole communities.

    Why be interested?

    I am passionate about the words above because it worked for me. I have lived it.

    From one summer of practicing yoga whilst running one of Ireland’s top kitchens I found…

    • I suffered almost no back or neck pain compared to before.
    • yoga gave me the physical release I needed that I usually got from running but without causing further burnout.
    • by simply practicing breathing exercises daily I found myself reacting calmer to instances of extreme stress.
    • helped me be less judgemental of the others around me.
    • helped me step back from being so hard on myself.
    • gave me a break from that 24/7 feeling I get from running a kitchen.


    With both Cooking in Mind and the Chefs Union I am hoping to achieve the following over the coming months.

    • Have the conversation about yoga. What do we need from yoga?
    • Finding ways to give us all the opportunity to practice yoga.
    • Connect Yoga teachers with those that need it.
    • Talk about how yoga philosophy and practice has helped me and could help you.

    Namaste to all

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