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  • Steven Mercer
    Steven Mercer

    What Is Well Being To You?


    Wellbeing could mean safety. It could mean calm. It could mean community.

    It could be internal to you. It could be in the environment.

    In my first post I wanted to put that thought out there and to talk about what it means to me and what its meant to me in the past.

    When do you feel well?

    For me, in the kitchen, a feeling of wellbeing is there when I feel like I am being my best self. When I feel safe in myself and safe in the environment that I am in.

    For some I know it is in the midst of service. When adrenaline is flowing and they feel part of the team. The brigade. With a feeling of being in that moment.

    It used to be the case for me. Not anymore. For me I enjoy a calmer, more balanced environment.

    Which are you?

    It can be a rhetorical question or one we talk about, but its invaluable to know. To know yourself. To know what wellbeing feels like. To know what you need in your life to feel it.

    The Chefs Wellbeing program and the Chefs Union as a whole are here to say that this DOES matter.

    The days of the hospitality industry being stoic and tough and putting up with a life without wellbeing are OVER.

    Your wellbeing MATTERS. And the wellbeing of your friends and colleagues matters.

    Its in our hands. Have a think.

    I just want to leave this here.



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