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    Judgement Due

    This coming week Tuesday 24th October 2023, we see The National Chefs Union taking the very rare step of prosecuting an Employer.

    Judgement is due in a case in London concerning Chef Matt,who is owed almost £2000 in wages and asked Unichef for help and support.This case has taken 2 years to bring to its conclusion,testimony of Chef Matt's determination and of the Unions strength and loyalty in sticking with such a difficult and long case.

    The facts are simple,The chef did his work,there was no complaints,however the owner decided simply not to pay him because "he could" and the fact he has a history of doing this to other employees.

    Unichef deplore "wages theft" it is a despicable act and is illegal.The case has not been contested,only the owner of the business wanted to make the chef suffer for as long as he could?

    Narcissistic and nasty people like this are not fit to employ people and this week he will feel the strength and power of a dedicated Chefs Union,this week the industry also will wake up to the fact that the National Chefs Union will fight unfair and unjust cases to the end.

    This case is the very reason we set up a Union,to protest,support and care for those chefs who cant defend themselves.Please wish Unichef and Chef Matt every best wishes.

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