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  • Brian

    Payroll Errors

    As head of Unichef and a working chef, there are few things that annoy me more than the subject of pay errors.

    When someone has worked hard all month and is looking forward to their pay, is it not too much to ask that it be correct? We are expected to perform to the best of our ability so why not the payroll clerks?

    Whilst we suffer the wrath of Head chefs and mangers for making mistakes in our daily work, is anyone ever actually reprimanded for making mistakes in our payroll? 

    I think you will find that the answer is no.

    HR and payroll are virtually a law unto themselves in many companies and rarely come under fire for their poor performance and mistakes, it is little wonder so many chefs mistrust a system that should be there to protect them but is often seen as being biased in what they do and say.

    Most annoyingly of all is the undoubted fact that anyone they deem of being “important” such as the MD ,Senior Managers and even themselves will be getting priority treatment over their payments, somehow I doubt that there is ever a pay mistake made in the Managing Directors wages at Compass Catering do you ?



    What to do if your pay is wrong, money has been deducted from your wages, or you haven't been paid.

    Of course not all employers are like this, for example many Agencys pride themselves on paying on time and correctly as they know its a fundemental part of the way they work with chefs,that bond of trust is vital to both partys.

    Yet chefs, and kitchen staff are the ones most often effected by the mediocre performance of HR departments. I know in some kitchens it's such a regular event that even bets are placed as to who’s turn it is for a pay error?

    This appalling practice needs to be called out, We deserve better and should be demanding better from those who are paid to support us, paid to be correct and paid to make sure we get what we’ve worked so hard for all month. They seem oblivious to the real harm they do in their costly mistakes, constantly blame the computer and vow to put it right next month!

    Next month? how about today? How about right now?

    People get paid to make sure you get paid on time and correctly and if they are not doing that then they need to be held to account.If you dont do your job correctly you face discipline,its high time attitudes changed in HR departments and realised that paying people correctly and on time is a primary objective to thier work and not just a chore.


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